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Consignment Furniture in Naples, FL: When Unloading Them Makes Sense

by Chris Hensley May 03, 2016

Consignment Furniture in Naples, FL: When Unloading Them Makes Sense

Some Florida residents may see a need to relocate in another state or another country, but this means leaving some of their material possessions behind. When there’s no one available to be the property’s caretaker, selling everything may be a suitable option. Writing for Kiplinger’s magazine, Cameron Huddleston-Lebidinsky said selling your furniture on consignment works as part of the “detox.”

Residents of Naples and other cities in southern Florida can have ideas about striking out from the Sunshine State to pursue work or life interests elsewhere. When you are prepared to move on and also earn some money at the same time, stores that handle consignment furniture in Naples, FL such as The Find Consignment are committed to taking it off your hands.

Sorting Out

Deciding to sell furniture on consignment takes much effort to segregate which should go on sale and which are better disposed or donated to charity. This is based on the item’s visual appearance and functionality.

Good Picks

Dining room furniture sets are high in demand because of its multi-functionality. It can be suggested that all the chairs are complete and are very sturdy so as to give you some leverage on pricing with the consignment appraisers.

Wooden cabinets or shelves are often suitable items for selling, too, as people will often need a place to store items on. It is a plus if the cabinets have some old-style design cues.

Living room sets, meanwhile, can easily be sold as long as the cushions are still soft and well-taken care of. The frames’ sturdiness is also important in the appraisal. However, the upholstery should be of consistent colors, especially when a living room set has leather upholstery.

Closing a Deal

When contacting a consignment store to handle your items, it is advised to take pictures of each item at multiple angles to give appraisers a chance to clearly evaluate everything. They can take anything that passes an in-house grading system and prepare you a quote but be ready to arrange transport via a professional moving service when a turnover is approved.

There’s no harm in unloading all the furniture you’ve amassed at your former home, especially when you’re set on moving away. As long as each piece is complete and in good condition, Naples, FL furniture consignment professionals like those from The Find Consignment will help it find a new owner.


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Chris Hensley
Chris Hensley

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