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Naples, FL Consignment Shops Hook You up for Furnishing Vacation Home

by Chris Hensley December 13, 2016

Naples, FL Consignment Shops Hook You up for Furnishing Vacation Home

Some people may have the resources to afford a second house to be used as a vacation property. Even then, it may be well-maintained but bare inside, in which case you might as well dress it up even a bit to make it more homey. Just because it’s not often used, after all, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Fortunately, such homeowners would be glad to know that furnishing a vacation home can be done without having to spend so much.

When a vacation property you acquired is a blank canvas waiting to be “painted” with fun furniture options, consignment shops in the Naples, FL area, like The Find Consignment can have what you need. These shops can, after all, be a good and reliable alternative to brand new furniture and accessory stores that can put a strain in your wallet.


When preparing your summer vacation place for furnishing, it pays to invest a tidy sum in at least remodeling the interior to make sure that the furniture does fit in. A HomeAway article states that the furniture should reflect the general elements from the surrounding community so it will not stand out unfavorably.

For example, for a vacation home in the tropics of Florida, it might not be a good idea to furnish it with, say, modernist trappings you’d normally see in luxury high-rise condos. You can check out a consignment store instead for wooden furniture items that are more along transitional lines.

Fun on the Outside

Every beach side vacation home will often have a patio for the residents to take a break during windy afternoons. Wicker furniture with cushions adorning them can be a suitable option. As for colors overall, House Hunters on Vacation host and designer Taniya Nayak says you can start with white as a base material then add colors that fit the community theme, such as light green and yellow for Floridian settings.

A second home used as a summer vacation property may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Adorning it with quality furniture acquired through credible consignment shops in Naples, FL such as The Find Consignment enables the experience to reach a whole new level.


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Chris Hensley
Chris Hensley

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